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Therese, 5/1 Self-Projector, a split definition with mental abstract definition on the left angle Cross of Healing through love

I have been active as a certified Human Design Analyst and Living Your Design Guide for over 20 years, continuously evolving my Human Design experiment. As a direct student of Ra Uru Hu, I have personally benefited from his wisdom and humor. During my time in Ibiza from 1998 to 2010, I was fortunate to meet Ra Uru Hu in person and work at "Jovianarchive."

After returning to Austria in 2010, I continued my education and regularly participated in international immersions with renowned teachers such as Mary Ann Winiger. I not only facilitate 8-week Living Your Design workshops and Rave ABC courses but have also been offering professional readings for over 13 years.

As a certified analyst of the International Human Design School, I am listed among the "Austrian experts" and look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you.

It is a matter of my heart to accompany and support you on your journey so that you can lead a life full of authenticity and uniqueness. Through my experiences as a former Taiji and Qi Gong teacher, I have delved deeply into the concept of unity and the flow of life energy, which forms an important foundation of my Human Design expertise.

My goal is to guide you to your own inner strength and help you leave bitterness, anger, frustration, and disappointment behind, as these feelings can lead to burnout and harm your health in the long run. I offer not only knowledge but also practical tips for everyday life and assistance to help you find your own flow and relaxation.

With my humor, knowledge, and tools of Human Design and Tao, I combine my passion for the healing power of an authentic life. I am happy to share these personal experiences in areas such as inner balance, enthusiasm for one's life purpose, personal development, and more fulfilling relationships with you if you wish.

Let us embark on the journey to a fulfilled and authentic life together!

About me:

My professional carrer:

Als trained gymnasial teacher, I struggled through the Austrian school system for years while simultaneously working as a Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructor, which made life somewhat easier for me. The move to Ibiza in 1998 finally brought me a deeper inner balance and a new perspective on my life and energy. It was there in 2004 that I discovered the Human Design System and met Ra Uru Hu, gradually unfolding my career as a Human Design Analyst.

Upon my return to Austria in 2010, after a temporary and challenging stint back in the Austrian school system (as a "repeat offender"), I increasingly devoted myself to counseling in adult education and eventually fully embraced Human Design. This step into self-employment was risky but absolutely worthwhile!

Relationships and Family:

After the failure of my first marriage in 2001, I largely accompanied my emotionally defined son (born 1997), a 4/1 manifesting generator with an open ego and open G-center, through life on my own. The magical white island of Ibiza made life more bearable, but personally, I felt quite exhausted. However, as a "motorless," emotionally open projector, I fortunately found the saving tools in Human Design after several years of single parenting to overcome my bitterness about everything that frightened me, for which I felt guilty, and drained me. This was also the "rescue" for me as a mother and for my son, who was 6 years old when I had my first reading in 2004 and finally understood how people who are energetically so fundamentally different can get along with less friction or overreactions. Today, he is someone who navigates through life according to his gut feeling, can wait for clarity in decisions, and knows, as he himself says, that he "doesn't need to prove anything."

I then met Cyril in 2010 on the beach of "Benirras," shortly before my move back to Austria, an emotionally defined manifestor and my current husband. Through him, I experienced for the first time what it means to be invited into a relationship because of my true nature, not because of what I should be for the other person. This experience taught me the difference between authentic relationships and those influenced by expectations or learned behaviors. It had taken decades for me to have this chance to live like this, and I am so grateful for it, even though our relationship has its challenges. We lived for years in a long-distance relationship between London, Cyril's chosen home until 2022, and Vienna. Even now, a part of my husband's life is still in South Africa, where he was born. He emigrated to Britain at the age of 18 because he could not bear the apartheid regime until the liberation of Nelson Mandela, even though he was born into a privileged white family. Now we spend our winter months in South Africa, how wonderful, as I love the sun so much.

I now know: the true feeling of happiness lies in the solid interpersonal foundation of authentic individuals. Waking up every morning as the person I truly am, with all my limitations and strengths, gives me a good feeling. The basis for this is a relationship with ourselves characterized by self-respect and self-love, because only then can other people recognize these qualities in us.

I see myself as a "way station" who filters knowledge and wisdom and passes it on to those who resonate with me. I enjoy the changes in life and love to swim in the cool waters of the sea or a clear river or take walks in the forest. Nature and the sun embody life for me.

My "key"-Mottos:

Life must also bring joy! We are so conditioned to strive for achievement and be active - "faster-better-higher!" However, life is much more about being rather than doing. Through Human Design, we can recognize who we truly are, which no personality test allows for so precisely and comprehensively.

And to quote Ra Uru Hu; "Human Design is about self-love, love for humanity, and love for uniqueness!" and also, "Human Design is like riding a bike, you have to get on and actually ride - so take the time to experiment with this knowledge. Try it. Test it out. Live it."

International Human Design School certificates and Speaker:

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