Readings & Classes

For our sessions together, I offer two options:

1. **Standard Reading (2 hours) - €175:** In this session, we delve into your decision-making strategy and inner authority, illuminate your profile, channels, center- definitions, conscious and unconscious aspects, your undefined areas where you are open to conditioning, as well as fragments of your incarnation cross, and other levels for comprehensive differentiation.

2. **In-depth Reading (up to 4 hours, often divided into 2 two-hour sessions) - €310:** This option allows for an even deeper analysis with more details and nuances to very specific aspects of who you are.

All meetings take place conveniently via Zoom. You will receive the link in due time before the appointment after your booking. The recording will be either sent to you via "WeTransfer" or saved on a USB stick.

I place great emphasis on connecting theoretical knowledge with practical applications. During our sessions, I share my personal experiences, examples, and helpful tips for integration into your daily life and much more. This way, you can extract what suits you and put your insights into action.

I look forward to meeting you and diving into your unique journey together!




1 hour


Block of 4

75€ per hour

Block of 6

65€ per hour

Seminar im Waldviertel

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