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Human Design



with Therese Jagersberger

Discover the extraordinary power of living as YOURSELF!

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„We cannot change the wind but we can set the sails new!





What is so special about Human Design?

Unlike other knowledge systems that provide us with information about ourselves, Human Design offers a holistic insight into:

  • your individuality, which takes into account not only your conscious mind, but also your unconscious motivations and your energetic disposition.

  • your deep conditioning and beliefs.

  • your 9 center energetic body matrix, showing you how to make decisions that are in harmony with your true nature and the wisdom of your body.

  • This matrix is created based on the time and place of your birth.

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How can I help you with Human Design?

  • you might be unsure about your career direction - I can help you explore suitable paths and environments for your strengths and sensitivities.

  • in case you wish for more clarity about your relationships or your family - Human Design offers understanding and solutions to composite dynamics challenges.

  • when you feel stuck in your journey of personal development - By delving into your Human Design, you strengthen your strengths, find out where you are unstable and can let go of burdensome "baggage".

  • When you are stressed, anxious or overwhelmed - there are lifestyles and routines that are appropriate for your physical and emotional well-being based on your abilities, shown in your bodygraph.

  • Similarly, further personal issues can be scrutinized through the lens of Human Design...

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As a certified Human Design analyst, teacher, guide, I offer personal readings, consultations, workshops and courses live in Vienna or via Zoom, tailored to your specific needs.

No matter what the issues are that concern you and especially if you want to wake up every morning as yourself again - with the help of the Human Design tools, my love for the Human Design System and my long time experience with it, we explore different aspects of your personal 'handbook' to bring you back into harmony with your natural state of being."

"If you go your own way,

“You can’t be overtaken by anyone.”

Marlon Brando

Ready for your Human Design journey?

Take the First Step Toward Self-Discovery and Transformation and Learn:

  • How to understand others and interact with them better

  • What self-acceptance and self-love truly mean

  • How to find relaxation and fulfillment by changing your perception

Explore my offerings, book a session, and unlock the secrets of your true self with Human Design.

Contact me at thesijagersberg☺ or send me an

​I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


If you haven't got your bodygraph yet, go to and create your free chart for instant download


Customer testimonials


2/4 self projector (Foundation-Reading)

"I deeply appreciate this in depth-reading and I cannot wait to watch it again. If you offer the study group accompanying one's own process, I would definitely be interested in joining. Thank you very much, this has been amazing. I got so much out of it, it was rich in detail. Thank you for sharing your experience and the profoundadditional information was really interesting!"


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Strassergasse 43

1190 Wien, Österreich

+43 6642455809

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