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Häufig gestellte Fragen

  • What is Human Design?
    Human Design is not based on faith or trust, but is a logical, empirical system that offers you the opportunity to experiment with its mechanisms and find out if it works for you. It is a system that combines elements of astrology, the ancient Chinese I Ching, Kabbalah and the Hindu chakra system with the modern science of genetics and quantum physics to create a unique energetic "landmap" of your life in the form of a 9-center body graph (9 chakras). This energetic "fingerprint" provides insight into the unique nature of your personality, your strengths, weaknesses and your life purpose. Using your birthday, time of birth and place of birth, we can create a graphic - our "birth chart" - that illustrates the exact genetic imprint at the time of birth and clearly shows both our conscious and unconscious characteristics. This allows us to gain deep insights into our genetic "blueprint", our so-called genetic "matrix", from different angles in a Human Design analysis. But it is up to you to find out for yourself whether the tools offered by this system bring you your signature - depending on the energetic "blueprint" it is peace, contentment, success or surprise - that occurs when you live in harmony with your true nature. A reduction in resistance in the form of anger, frustration, bitterness or disappointment is the end result. The benefit of a Human Design analysis in the form of a reading is to support you in experiencing and living out your own personal orientation. When we are in harmony with our true self, we feel less resistance in our lives and more harmony, abundance and ease.
  • How can Human Design help and where are the limits?
    If there are energetic blockages and traumas, we can look at them through the lens of Human Design in our reading, as far as the tools allow us to explore them. But there are also areas where other forms of assistance are more appropriate, especially when it comes to physical and emotional traumas that touch on extremely painful memories buried deep in the subconscious. What we can do together is discover the hidden facets of your personality through Human Design, which is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science. As an experienced practitioner of Qi Gong and Taiji, with a background in psychology, I look at people holistically, but exercise caution when dealing with serious problems. For deep emotional injuries, I would first refer you to colleagues in physical and energetic healing professions. Making false promises in this regard would be irresponsible. However, we can certainly delve deep into your character traits visible in your body chart (colored areas) and explore the challenges of conditioning by others in your open (white) areas. With precise birth data, we can illuminate psychological patterns and motivations and understand your unique "blueprint" in the cosmos. It is also important to know that while Human Design offers insight into personality traits and behavioral patterns, it is not able to predict the future or concrete events. What we can do is explore together the conscious and unconscious aspects of your being to make your life more fulfilling.
  • How many years have I been offering readings?
    When I started my Human Design studies in Ibiza in 2004, I gave readings during the years of training in exchange for an invitation for coffee or a small donation. From 2007, I studied Rave Psychology with Ra for three years and completed my thesis three days before his death on March 12, 2011. The loss still hurts. But I am very grateful for this methodology, which I experience as the greatest gift to no longer let the constantly chattering mind take the lead in important decisions. Instead, we can gradually develop a consciousness as observers, as "passengers" in this "vehicle", our body, which we inhabit for this incarnation. From 2011 onwards I received further certifications in various special areas of Human Design: as a Living your Design Guide, as a Human Design Analyst, as a Rave ABC teacher and as a Family "Penta" practitioner. I am gradually adjusting my fees to my qualifications, although I still occasionally accept "social rates".
  • What happens after a Human Design Reading?
    After a basic reading, you can try out everything you learned in the reading in your daily life. Often, everyday life does not allow you to consistently apply all the information and good intentions from the reading, or dramatic events or difficult situations cause confusion and despair. For individual support, there are individual coaching sessions that can also be booked in blocks, which is more cost-effective. There is also annual support in small groups. Another option is to take part in a Living Your Design online workshop over 8 weeks or a live workshop over 4 days. Here, what has been learned so far is intensively anchored and practically applied week after week through concrete tasks and observations for everyday life.
  • What do you mean by the 9 "centers" in the body chart?
    The centers in Human Design can be seen as colored or white triangles and squares on your body chart. Imagine them as subtle energy centers that direct and shape your life force. You may have heard of Eastern wisdom teachings that talk about subtle energy pathways in the human body ("meridians"). These pathways intersect at certain points in the body, similar to a busy highway intersection in a bustling city. In the world of Human Design, the centers are like energetic vortices that can absorb, change and release energy. Imagine them as the nodes of an invisible city at an energetic highway intersection where different energies are input and output. Similar to the Indian chakra theory, these energy centers, also called chakras, are connected to specific aspects of the body and mind. They are shown in color when energy is always reliably present there, i.e. "defined," and white when the energy is not always reliably available there. But white does not mean "empty" or "broken," we are simply receptive to the energies of others there and can also amplify these energies. But they are never there to make decisions for us.
  • What do Human Design Type and Strategy mean?
    In Human Design, we explore the diversity of the 4 energetic types that result from the exact time and place of birth. This knowledge is like a compass that helps us make informed life decisions. It guides us to choose the right strategy for our decisions, overcome obstacles and attract what we really need in life. There are 2 types with reliable self-energy: 1) the Manifestors (about 10% of humanity), who set things in motion on their own and have a rather closed aura. They are often in leadership positions, politically or in the business world. Their themes are anger , when they act from the mind, and peace , when they initiate something from their inner authority in the body and - very importantly - inform others about it as a strategy. ( Examples : George Bush, Vladimir Putin, Adolf Hitler, Johnny Depp, Susan Sarandon, Maya Angelou, Al Gore, Ra Uru Hu etc). 2) The second energy type are Generators and Manifesting Generators (approx. 70% of humanity) . They all have a defined sacral center and make their decisions from the gut in response to a question or a suggestion from outside. They have an open aura and regenerate their energy while they sleep. Their theme is frustration when they act from the mind and satisfaction when they react as a strategy from the gut. If they are also emotionally defined, however, they must wait until they have gained clarity over time. ( Examples : Dalai Lama, Ophra Winfrey, Albert Einstein, Madonna, Vera Birkenbihl etc). There are also 2 so-called non-energy types, or "consciousness types" , which does not mean that they are weak, but that they do not have reliable energy available, need more time for regeneration than others, but perceive their environment more precisely: 3) Projectors (about 20% of humanity) can see and guide others. However, they must learn to wait until other energy types take the initiative when it comes to cooperation. Their decision-making strategy is to wait for the right invitation. Projectors have a focused and absorbing aura and are very interested in communicating and collaborating with others. Their themes are bitterness when making mental decisions and how energy types work hard and rest too little and success when they wait for invitations to help others use their energies more effectively and receive recognition and energetic and material support in return. Typical positions for Projectors are consultants, administrators, networkers, mediators, researchers, interviewers, organizers and advisors, as well as therapists, coaches and healers. ( Examples : Barack Obama, Brad Pitt, Nelson Mandela, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Mick Jagger, Natalie Portman, 4) Reflectors (about 1% of humanity) are completely different from everyone else, without a single fixed energy center and thus without any fixed characteristics. Although they also have fixed genetic makeup, they are energetically open to the influences of the moon and its 28-day cycle for decision-making. Their themes are disappointment when they make decisions with their mind and surprise when they pay particular attention to their surroundings during a lunar cycle. Reflectors can perceive the world around them through energetic "sensing" and reflect it back to others. An authentic reflector is a "fortune teller" who shows the other types how good and healthy their environment is at a certain point in time. Typical professions are: consultant, coach, feel-good manager, assistant, teacher, trainer, etc. (Examples : Richard Burton, Sandra Bullock, Thorwald Detlefson, Simone Weil, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Rob Lowe, Amma (Mata Amritanandamaya etc.)
  • What does inner authority mean?
    Inner authority is the innate body wisdom that every person carries within themselves. If we look at the 9-center body chart, every center/chakra below the throat can be this inner authority (except the root, right at the bottom). This means that once we know our type and the corresponding strategy for important decisions, we can connect with the chakra within us that is firmly established (defined) in the birth chart and dominates in our "map". - Activated/defined centers are shown in color. The hierarchy for inner authority is: 1. Solar Plexus 2. Sacral 3. Spleen 4. Ego/Heart Center , 5, G-Center (from the "Self") . If none of these chakras are activated in the birth matrix, one is either a mental projector (2 or 3 of the top chakras: Head - Ajna Throat) are activated) and decides through "soundboarding" - in communication with others or one is a reflector ( no center is activated, all remain "white") and has his authority in connection with the lunar cycle.
  • How can people with an emotional definition deal with the pressure to act?
    The pressure is really uncomfortable for people with defined solar plexus, the emotional center. This is the moment when you realize if you really want to be in the experiment that says you can't just act, you have to wait. The only way is through waiting and enduring all the pressure situations to decide to do something about it. It can take a long time before it becomes less uncomfortable. It is so important to pay attention to the mind that wants to make us act now. Everything we say in words about our own lives is the mind. It wants to have immediate clarity and get rid of the pressure, etc. But the (relative) clarity can only be felt in the body - it's like throwing a stone into a pond. It has to sink all the way to the bottom, because emotional definition - whatever indicates inner authority at the same time - means depth. You wait while you allow the stone to sink into it. There is depth in emotional people, and until you reach that depth, the answer is there, and then you just know what the right thing to do is. Waiting brings about the cellular transformation of the self. The mind never changes, it is the body that transforms. It is terrible at first and there is no way out but through.
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